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Patient Testimonials

Even then the infection was minor and I recovered in one week as opposed to the usual two. I have not been sick at all since then, not even the sniffles. I finished my treatments in July of 2002 and I have been pain free since my sixth month of treatments. I am not taking any sort of medication except maybe for the occasional headache. I am trying to lead a healthy life and keep my stress levels to a minimum.

After years of red, swollen joints and chronic pain as well as drugs and their harmful side effects, I am back to my previously healthy self. Dr. Rhodes and the rest of the caring and dedicated staff in her office became my saviors.
Sincerely, Carrie C.

I had been an active person, enjoying a lot of different sports and activities until the second time I returned from living in Mexico. I frequently felt ill, suffered from vomiting and bowel problems, but testing revealed nothing conclusive. As time progressed, the pain in the stomach, nausea and bowel problems all increased until they actually affected my lifestyle. I t was frustrating because I never knew if I would need to cancel plans because I felt awful and needed to be close to a bathroom. I researched my symptoms, visited more doctors and was diagnosed with I.B.S., Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Most people don't like to discuss "bowel issues", so I just often said I didn't feel well. I am not a big fan of medicine, so I would just deal with my problem when it flared up. That too eventually became a problem because the flare ups became regular events. What to do?!

One day I was reading Philadelphia Magazine and I read the article, "Terror in a Nutshell" (<- link opens TerrorInNutshell.pdf In new window). Since I've always been interested in alternative medicine, I decided to call and find out if they could trat the I.B.S. I was told "absolutely: and began treatments in July of 2002. The staff at I.H.C. determined I had parasites and several sensitivities from which I was suffering. By using the homeopathic medicines, attending treatments and modifying my diet, my life has drastically changed. I truly used to be sick to my stomach 2/3 of every month, and now it might be two days if any. Traffic jams used to make me very uncomfortable, especially if I was at a dead stop, now I drive the turnpike at rush hour! An extra bonus to these changes is that I also lost 17 pounds. As a former diet hater, I am extremely happy with all of my outcomes. I believe in the power of the body to heal when guided properly, and I believe in the methods of treatment at IHC.
Stacy T.

Hello, My name is Rich in December of 2001 I began treatment at IHC. At the time I was taking several allergy medications, an acid reducer daily as well as not feeling well in general. My problems started about 12 years ago when I had an allergic reaction to poison Ivy. The reaction to a 2 month Steroid Therapy caused an eventual loss of all my hair and I became allergic to multiple foods and it seemed the air in general.(Continued)

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